About Our Monkeys

My name is Jessica, and I have two precious little girls, and an angelic little boy. If you believe that, you don’t have kids. I’m not saying my children aren’t wonderful bundles of joy. I’m just saying, it’s not all “look how adorable” and “isn’t that sweet.”

Kids are curious. They get into your medicine cabinet and scare you half to death by eating 5 Ibuprofen. They play fairy princess with your makeup and dresses, dumping your $50 foundation down the toilet and managing to drag your new $60 dress through the mustard from their corn dog lunch.

Suddenly, my kids sound like wild animals. That, or I’m a horrible mom to let all of this happen. This is not the case. So many people don’t realize what we do all day as moms. We’re not watching movies with our kids or outside playing all day. We try to clean. We have to cook, do laundry, get the kids dressed and fed, make sure they don’t push their little sister down the stairs, aren’t climbing on counters or shelves or smashing their fingers in the kid-proofed cabinets that aren’t always so kid-proofed. We try to teach them about life, their letters, talking, potty-training…

With one child, it was so much easier. One-on-one defense while daddy is at work. Two was twice as hard. Three is just go-in-a-closet-and-scream-because-you’ve-lost-your-mind hard.

You’re wondering how I have time to blog, I bet. Well, it’s taken a week of nap times to save up the 10 minutes it took to write this. One kid is always waking up, wanting a snack, or having to go potty 8 billion times. Parents know this.

I’m going to post about our little monkeys’ exploits, unbelievable stories in which they’ve gotten into a world of trouble, some funny, some scary, maybe a few adorable moments here and there. I’m going to attempt to make the time to do this, that is. I might only post once a month. Aiden, the oldest, started kindergarten in September, and Terra started preschool, and that freed up my mornings somewhat. My youngest is in her terrible twos, but most of the time Eve is content sitting on the floor and playing with her dolls. Fingers crossed that that stage lasts a long time.

Enough about us. Let’s get started.